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Bec Winnel
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nacho gil
Jirka Vinse
Richard Wilkinson
yuta onoda

currently looking at some artist and their artwork for some inspiration for the self posters that go with the quote i have chosen


final concept 2

Declan! this is awesome. love it!its hypnotizing
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final wallpaper, i have chosen the yellow and red

I thought I would go with the tree pattern, as it seems to be more simple for a kids room. 

this is really cute, i like how its minimal, definitely perfect for a children’s roomi really like the shape and line you have used in the tree
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Second attempt with a repeat added.

love the shape! and how it looks like its coming off the screen
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love this Cecilia, it’s super cute, and i like the colour choice, would definitely suit a children bedroom or play room
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Opaque  by  andbamnan